Press Releases

MARA Press Release July 21, 2015
President of MARA Mary Lou Daxland elected State Committeewoman at Caucus

MARA Press Release April 13, 2015
GOP Group Sees Message In Stoneham Selectmen's Race

MARA Press Release January 18, 2015
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Announces Officers for 2015-2016 Election Session

MARA Press Release February 3, 2014
Serious Questions for leading Mass. Republicans

Older Press Releases
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MARA Press Release April 13, 2015
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Urges New MassGOP Strategy

MARA Press Release August 2, 2013
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Urges New MassGOP Strategy

MARA Press Release May 14, 2013
Chanel Prunier Elected Republican State Committeewoman

MARA Press Release Mar. 1, 2013
Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) Sends Delegation To NFRA Winter Meeting To Seek Host State Status For National Convention

MARA Press Release Feb. 24, 2013
MARA Harnesses Grassroots Support - Seeks Accountability From MassGOP Party Elite

MARA Press Release Jan. 21, 2013
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Announces MassGOP Chair Endorsement

MARA Press Release Nov. 11, 2012
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Reiterates Call For Resignation Of Party Executives As Demands For Statewide Reform Grows

MARA Press Release Sep. 26, 2012
Massachusetts Republican Assembly calls on Anna Maria College to rescind invitation to pro-abortion Democrats

MARA Press Release Apr. 22, 2012
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Follows Through With Pledge to Reform Mass GOP from Ground Up

MARA Press Release Feb. 29, 2012
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Follows Through With Pledge To Reform MassGOP From Ground Up

MARA Press Release Jan. 3, 2012
Nation’s Oldest & Largest Republican Volunteer Organization Seeks Immediate Resignation of Massachusetts GOP Chair, Robert Maginn

MARA Press Release Nov. 20, 2011
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Hosts GOP Chair Debate: Event Sparks Clear Battle Between Conservative Base and Establishment Regulars

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Massachusetts Republican Assembly in the News

National Federation of Republican Assemblies endorses Ted Cruz for Republican nominee

New Boston Post - Op Ed by Chanel Prunier - Charlie Baker should be more like Deval Patrick

Boston Globe - Governor seeks to seed GOP panel with moderates

MARA President at Common Core Lobby day at the Mass. State House, April 15, 2015
The Boston Globe - MARA members comment on Karen Polito officiating Senate president’s same-sex wedding

The Boston Herald - Waiting for Mr. Right: Conservative wing of GOP warns Charlie Baker

The Springfield Republican - Conservative Republicans in Massachusetts drive anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage state platform change
MARA members Dave Kopacz, Mark Fisher, Mark Bergeron and Horace Mello comment ...

Springfield Republican - Gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher gets support from conservative Massachusetts Republican group

MARA's Mark Bergeron nominates Mark Fisher at the Mass. GOP Convention, March 22, 2014
Springfield Republican - Massachusetts Republican Assembly endorses state Senate candidate James Ehrhard

Springfield Republican - Gov. Deval Patrick says he hopes God will forgive Tea Party for causing government shutdown
MARA President Dave Kopacz comments in article

August 19, 2014 - MARA 9 President Tim Sullivan on WGBH's Greater Boston in full support of MARA member and endorsed candidate for Governor, Mark Fisher

The Jazz Patriots - Massachusetts Republican Assembly Calls for Resignation of Party Executives

Boston Globe - State Republican Party rejects national party stance on abortion

Fox News - If ObamaCare’s a tax, we have a solution
Op-ed by NFRA President Rod Martin

South Coast Today - Independence Day reminds us to be vigilant
Op-ed by MARA 4 President Lunda Rapoza

The Springfield Republican - Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich also enjoy support in Mitt Romney territory
Joe Ureneck & Dave Kopacz get honorable mention!

The Herald News - 2012 Republican nomination won't be the typical coronation
Op-ed by MARA 4 President Lunda Rapoza

Sun Chronicle - State establishment fails Republicans again
Op-ed by MARA National Committeeman and State Committe candidate, Horace Mello

Watertown Patch - Republicans Gather to Support Aylward, Build New Mass. GOP

State House News Service - "Massachusetts GOP leaders defend party chair Robert Maginn after donations to Democrats"

Boston Globe - Mass. Republican chief rides in-party storm

World Net Daily - Shocker! Conservatives defy polls, endorse this candidate

CNN - Santorum endorsed by ‘nation’s oldest & largest’ GOP volunteer group

NFRA Straw Poll Has Turned Into Gold for GOP Hopefuls

Newsletters and Articles

Other news:

Boston Globe - Governor seeks to seed GOP panel with moderates

MassLive - MARA 1 member Joelene Guzzo acts on Common Core initiative in Wilbraham

UnCommon State - No Common Core!

NPR - North Carolina Rethinks The Common Core

WWLP TV Ch. 22 - “Republican thing to do” - Fisher vs. Baker on taxes

The Sun Chronicle - Poirier: 'Gloves are off' in Attleboro GOP feud - or, RINOs see the handwriting

Mark Fisher debates Charlie Baker at the Boston Globe

Click here

Mark Fisher debates Charlie Baker on WBUR

MassLive - Tea party candidate Mark Fisher attacks Republican opponent Charlie Baker as Deval Patrick's 'identical twin'

Mass. Citizens For Life - MCFL endorses Mark Fisher for Governor

State House News Service - Jeff Bailey to push gas tax repeal question

The Sun Chronicle - Massachusetts Republican Party opts to allow tea party candidate Mark Fisher to appear on gubernatorial primary ballot

The Valley Advocate - Fisher Fights to Get on GOP Gubernatorial Ballot

State House News Service - In lawsuit, gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher says improper count denied him ballot access

State House News Service - Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher to file convention court challenge Tuesday

Boston Globe - Dispute over convention vote roils state GOP

AP MassLive - Gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher may sue Mass. Republican Party for ballot access

AP MassLive - Q&A with gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher: 'Is it any wonder why Massachusetts politicians like casinos so much?'

AP MassLive - Republican congressional candidate Tisei to skip Mass. GOP Convention in protest of party's new conservative platform
MARA's Steve Aylward makes a great comment

The Sun Chronicle - Attleboro pastor formally announces run for state rep

MassLive - Common Core protesters voice concerns during U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's appearance at Worcester Tech
MARA 2's Jim Knowlton comments in the video

AP, MassLive - Westfield native Mark Fisher touts small government in quest for Massachusetts primary spot

WGBH Boston - Mass GOP's Top Candidates Clash With More Conservative Platform

Boston Globe - Mass. GOP approves conservative-leaning platform

The Sun Chronicle - Republican rep challengers for Attleboro seat poised for campaign kickoffs

Masslive - Anti-gas tax group barred from Worcester's St. Patrick's Day parade, compares ban to American Revolutionary War

Massachusetts faces $400 million fiscal hit if voters repeal casinos, automatic gas tax hikes
MARA's Steve Aylward comments

Ware selectmen form Green Community Commission to explore pros and cons of state designation
MARA President Dave Kopacz is "on the case"

HIRA (Hawaii Republican Assembly) highlights Scott Brown, Gabriel Gomez political reality

Request for a Special Meeting of the GOP State Committee, lead by MARA's Steve Aylward

Masslive - Saying he is "proud to be a Republican," former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan launches his Senate campaign

MARA President interviewed, resulting from press release of Nov. 11, by the State House News Service
"Chairs of Massachusetts Democratic and Republican parties seek to retain posts"
Massachusetts Republican Assembly Reiterates Call For Resignation Of Party Executives As Demands For Statewide Reform Grows

MARA Members Running for or Holding Political Office